Ukrainian Red Cross

As the conflict in Ukraine unfolds, the Ukrainian Red Cross helps people maintain their livelihoods and provides psychological support. In areas where access to healthcare services is limited, volunteers and staff provide first aid training, operate mobile health teams, and raise awareness of health risks in communities.
ARS is an equal participant in the State Emergency Response System with its area of ​​competence and responsibility.
Any support is incredibly important.

The Ukraine Red Cross provides:

  • Humanitarian assistance

  • Engineering services

  • State Emergency Service assistance

  • Assistance to residents in emergency areas

  • Citizen evacuation

  • Inter-hospital transportation

  • Reunification of families

  • Continuous education

Thank you for your kind support.

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    clothes and shoes donation

    How to donate clothes to Ukraine

    Donating clothes, shoes, handbags, bags and other accessories to Ukraine is simple, easy and free.

    You don’t need to drive anywhere; we will collect your donation at your doorstep, free of charge.

    We are cooperating with The Emergency and Rescue Service of the Red Cross to collect clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and much more on their behalf to help fundraise and continue providing services to families and children in Ukraine.

    Clothes donations to Ukraine made simple.

    To donate clothes to Ukraine, you only need to:

    1. Bag up your unwanted goods. Kindly place your donation in clean bags with clean clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. You can use any colour bag.
      The more, the merrier!
    2. Fill out the free collection booking form correctly. Remember to fill in all your contact details so we can contact you ASAP.
    3. We will contact you via text message or email to confirm the date and time with you. We do that because we are working towards reducing our footprint by collecting all donations from the same region, within the same day and with the same van, thus reducing CO2 emissions.
    4. The Emergency and Rescue Service of the Red Cross receives the donations.

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    When cleaning your wardrobes, don’t throw items away – DONATE them to be reused!